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Christmas 2011 - time to tidy up the old web site. So here it is, with some new articles and items, and a fresh look

January 2012 - 4 Tube Superheterodyne Radio Kit added

  Here, you will find a compilation of information and articles covering British, French, German and American vintage radio, with a bias to the 1930's and Art Deco.
4 Tube Superheterodyne Radio Kit - a new limited edition kit will be available in January 2012. Build your very own superheterodyne radio. Simple to follow instructions with schematics and wiring diagrams!  You get a manual, all the parts including silk screened printed circuit board, 4 tubes, sockets, tuning capacitor, Aerial, Oscillator and IF coils, 4 inch speaker, resistors, capacitors, wire, nuts and bolts etc. (click here)   Visit the 6V6 on-line vintage radio component store, with over one thousand radio and audio restoration products and spare parts from the 1920's to the 1980's including valves, high voltage capacitors, transformers,  AM transmitter, radio kit, transistors, crystal set spares (original and reproduction), and downloadable  manuals from the 1930's. (click here)
Regen Valve Radio Kits - our popular iGen Max regenerative radio kits, battery or mains powered, ultra safe 12 volt hybrid design vacuum tubes as RF amplifier and detector and a solid state audio amplifier.. (click here)
90 Volt Battery Eliminator - alas the 90v battery have not been made for the last 25 years. Never fear this battery eliminator will power your portable radio, provides the 90 volt HT and a fully regulated 1.4 volt LT. (click here)

The iTx Mini Tube AM Transmitter - Hook up a iTx to your CD-Player, FM Radio or MP3-Player and re-transmit your favourite music and shows on to Medium Wave as in the olden days. (click here) The Spitfire AM Transmitter - a complete AM Radio Station, with twin Mono or Stereo channels, UK, EU and US compatible versions,  complies with FCC Part 15 requirements. (click here)
  Online Schematics - some schematics from my own radio collection. British and European Valve Cross Reference (1930's) British and European Valve Cross Reference (1930's)
Changing from Battery Bias to Automatic Bias Reprint of 1933 Article - Changing from Battery Bias to Automatic Bias. Component Colour Codes - early capacitor and resistor marking systems.
Radio Dial Glass Radio Dial Glass - scans of radio dials and dial glass. History Zone - a brief history of A.J.S., EverReady and Lissen

Telefunken Valve Manual (1930) Telefunken Valve Manual (1930) - Adobe PDF (this is a big file 3.5Mb) Western Electric Tube Manual (1933) Western Electric Tube Manual (1933) - Adobe PDF (this is a big file 3.5Mb)
RCA Radiotron Tube Manual 1930's RCA Radiotron Tube Manual (1929)

Western Electric Tube Specification Archive (1930-60)

Western Electric Tube Specification Archive (1930-60) - Adobe PDF
Pilot Radio Products Catalogue 1930 PILOT Radio Products Catalogue (1930) RCA Victor Theremin (1929)

Radio Dial Glass Technical Tips - 101 things you should know.  One Tube Regenerative Radio Project "One Tube Regenerative Radio" -  for $1 Dollar (1935)

Ideas for XMAS Entertainment (1927) Ideas for XMAS Entertainment (1927) Radio ART - radio related Art from around the world

Links and Places of Interest Updated - Links and Places of Interest - email if you would like your site added Click to send me an email Thanks for visiting... If you have any comments, please email me at  radio@vcomp.co.uk