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Molded Mica Capacitor Color Code


A First
B Second
C Number
of Zeros
D Voltage
E Voltage
  0   0   0
  1   1   1   100   1%
  2   2   2   200   2%
  3   3   3   300   3%
  4   4   4   400   4%
  5   5   5   500   5%
  6   6   6   600   6%
  7   7   7   700   7%
  8   8   8   800   8%
  9   9   9   900   9%
            1000   5%
  2000   10%
          None 500 None 20%
Three Dot Code
The color dots must be read in the correct sequence (A, B, C) from left to right in order to correctly interpert the color code. In order to make certain that the capacitor will be held in the proper position while the dots are being read, manufacturers have adopted several 3-dot marking arrangements.

The capacitor must be held so that the manufacturer's name or trademark appears right side up, as shown. Then the dot will be read in the proper sequence if they are read from left to right. Another common arrangement is to have the three colored dots stamped on an arrow molded in the capacitor case. The arrow always points to the correct direction of reading.

On some makes of capacitors, the dots are shaped so they are slightly 'pointed' in the direction in which they are to be read, others have an adjacent direction-arrow molded alongside each dot.


example: Red, Green, Black = 25 mmfd. = .000025 mfd 

Five Dot Code Extra Markings for Voltage Rating & Capacity Tolerance

Some types have two extra color dots appear, whether on the face or on the reverse side of the molded case, the color of the fourth dot (D) indicates the d-c voltage rating. No color in this position implies a voltage rating of 500 volts d-c.)

The color of the fifth dot (E) indicated the percent tolerance on the accuracy of the capacity rating. No color in this position indicates a tolerance of +/- 20% in the capacity value.

Six Dot Code

When there are three significant figures in the capacity value, and the voltage rating and tolerance information is also to be indicated, a 6-dot color code is usually employed

On capacitors marked with six dots the upper three (A, B, B1) indicate the capacity and the lower right hand dot (C) indicates the number of zeros to be added. The remaining two dots (D) and (E) indicate the d-c working voltage rating and the capacity tolerance respectively, as shown in the illustration.

example: Brown, Red, Green, Orange, Green, Brown
= 1250 mmfd., 300 d-c working voltage, +/- 5% tolerance
Note: A micro-microfarad is one-millionth (1/1,000,000) of a microfarad. To convert mmfd. to mfd., move the decimal point six places to the left.

For example:  3500 mmfd. is equivalent to .0035 mfd.).

To convert mfd. to mmfd., move the decimal point six places to the right.

For example: .00025 mfd. is equivalent to 250 mmfd.)